A dating platform for matchmaking and communication between antagonizing cities, especially between the neighbouring cities of Offenbach and Frankfurt.
Users can contact each other via different channels: By handwritten requests with personal contact information that are collected at the musum walls, by sending special postcards sent free of charge to the ‘enemy’ by the museum, by using the hashtag #widerpartner (#frenemy) on Social Media or through a specific website developed for the occasion. The postcards feature Frankfurt’s and Offenbach’s famous historic figures “Fraa Rauscher (about: Mrs. Ebriety)” and “Streichholzkarlchen (about: Quick Match Charles)”. The slogans say “Conquer Frankfurt” and “Conquer Offenbach” respectively.
Info blackboards and events additionally educate the visitors about historic phenomenons of city rivalries.

NETworks / Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt
April to November 2018

A Project with Lukas Sünder
Fotos: Lukas Sünder